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White Horse Regressions by Steve Lindahl

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Steve's Blog
Steve's Blog

Gregory Hedden and his adult daughter, Corinne, are climbing the steps of Saint Joseph's Oratory in Montreal, praying for a miracle cure for his terminal cancer. Corinne feels responsible for the tragic accident that took her mother's life. She also feels guilt over what is happening to her father and is determined not to lose him, too.

While they pray, their lives flash by, from the 1969 Woodstock Festival, where Gregory falls in love, to daily life in a Hudson Valley commune, where he raises his daughter with a great deal of help from his friends.

After her mother's death, young Corinne hears her voice in sandcastles and windchimes but can only make out a few words, leaving her confused.

This is a story about people who start out seeking answers in the drug culture then move on to a more spiritual way of approaching life. It's also about love, loss, and non-traditional family.

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